We are privileged to be part of the European joint project, Metro4-3D (Metrology for future 3D-technologies) which aims to maintain a strong position in the metrology area for semiconductor industry. PVA TePla Analytical Systems GmbH’s main objective on this joint project is to detect internal defects in the BEOL layers, Through-Si Vias (TSV’s) and micro-bumps as well as voids or cracks in stacked dies and wafers using a GHz Scanning Acoustic Microscope. To learn more about Metro4-3D, go to
Top news for 2016
-Next generation of scanning systems: single gantry linear drives, dual gantry linear drives, new intelligent linear motion z axis system -New high performance digitizers up to 7 GSPS for high performance SAM analysis and imaging -New thin film transducers with customized design 85 MHz-2000 MHz -Next generation of failure analysis SAMs with puls echo and tone burst excitation modes -WINSAM 8 graphical user interface W10/ 64 bit -New GHz scanning systems combined with optical top table microscopes and inverted microscopes